Funny Happy Birthday Minions Mp3 Songs, GIF & Video Songs 2015

What are you planning to do for minions birthday? Minions are celebrating their birthday with Gru. Check out some happy birthday minions songs, gif images and video for your kids. It’s party time for all the kids to celebrate minions birthday with their parents. Listen to some minion video and funny gif images of minions. Show these to your kids, You kids will love this. Check below for more info about minions happy birthday.

Funny Happy Birthday Minions Images, Mp3 Songs, GIF & Video Songs 2015

As we all knew, there are infinite number of minions are there in Gru’s Laboratory. But we knew only few minions, Can you guess the minions name which you remember? Still didn’t able to guess? Don’t worry we will share it with you on this special day. Everyday Minions celebrate their birthday with Gru in their laboratory.

happy birthday minion video

Check some **Funny** Minion Quotes

Famous Minion Character Names:

  • Carl
  • Dave
  • Jerry
  • Jorge
  • Kevin
  • Mark
  • Phil
  • Stuart
  • Tim
  • Tom

We hope that now you remember some familiar names of Minion character in the movie.

Happy Birthday Minions : Everyday is birthday for minions, You can party with them. Before that you do have to share this with your friends and asking them to join the birthday party with minions. Also you can look out some minions gif images to make fun of and also listen to minion song video.

Happy Birthday Minions Gif Images, Pictures and HD Wallpapers 2015

We have brought some funny collection of minion gif images, pictures and hd wallpapers to celebrate their birthday. All the kids love minions, because of its language and its playful character. Here is the best collection of minion images & pictures to share on their birthday. You can share these on facebook and whatsapp. Share the below gif images for minion.

minion banana gifs

minion potato gif

minion bum gif

laughing minions gif

minions gifs

funny minions gifs

funny minion gif

funny minion laugh gif
happy birthday minon songs

Funny Minions Happy Birthday Songs for Kids 2015

Want to some minion song for kids? Then you are at right place. Today, in this we had planned to give you some best collection on minions songs for happy birthday kids. We had listed some favorite songs of minions for kids. Show this to your kids, They will surely love these minions singing happy birthday song for them.

You can also **learn** how to draw a minion for kids

List of 5 Minion Song for Happy Birthday

Minions Happy Birthday Video Songs 2015

Check out the minion video for the above listed minion song for happy birthday. The listed video is one of the best minion videos collection ever. Share this with you friends and spread the joy with minions celebrating their birthday with some fun filed party at your home. Make sure you sing a song about minions in your kids birthday party.

How was our happy birthday minions post on sharing minion gif images, pictures and hd wallpapers to share on facebook and whatsapp friends. We had added some minion songs and video for the celebration of minions birthday party. We hope, that it will be useful mainly for the kids. Share it with your friends if you like our post.


How to Draw a Minion – Step by Step Procedure with Image & Video Tutorials for Kids

Do your kids want to know how to draw a minion? This tutorial may help you or your kids to draw their favourite character minion. We had made this tutorial because as every kids had liked minions and wanted to sketch drawings of the world famous animated character in Despicable Me 1 & 2. This is a special edition as the Minions Movie gonna premier soon. We would like sketch some minion character for kids. The steps to follow are so simple to try. Just try and also teach your kids to sketch the character.

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Teach your kids on “How to Draw a Minion” – Step by Step procedure (Image & Video Tutorials)

Minions have many fans all over the world and mostly all the kids love minions. As all the kids love to draw, they be trying to sketch minions. So we had planned to give a tutorial on sketching a minion for kids. We had tried hard to make a video tutorial, so that it would be very easy to understand the strategy behind sketching a minion. Also we had tried to explain with our simple step by step procedure. We hope this would help you to teach your kids on how to draw a minion for kids.

how to draw a minion - step by step image video tutorials

Just follow the simple steps on “How to Draw a Minion” for kids – Step by Step Tutorials

If you wanna try minions for your drawings, just follow the simple steps to sketch minions. Here is the step by step tutorial explained by images.

Step 1 : Draw Minion’s Head first, ie., First draw an inverted “U”

step 1

step 1

Step 2 : Next, Draw goggles for Minions, If your minion character is one eyed minion, then draw one circle at exactly the middle of head. Else draw two circle touching each others for two eyed minion.

step 2

step 2

Step 3 : Add goggle strap on each side of goggle.

step 3

step 3

Step 4 : Add eye balls, hair and mouth for minion.

step 4

step 4

Step 5 : Complete the minion and add outfit.

step 5

step 5

Step 6 : Now draw minion’s hand, with one up and other bent.

step 6

step 6

Step 7 : Complete drawing minion’s hand with adding gloves

step 7

step 7

Step 8 : Add four lines for Minion’s Leg.

step 8

step 8

Step 9 : Complete the minion’s foot and Add some details in his outfit.

step 9

step 9

Thats all.!! You had done drawing your minions for kids. Also tell your kid to try this, teach you kid on how to do it.

Watch our How to Draw a Minion – ** Video Tutorial **

If you still struggling to sketch minions for kids, then you could watch the video tutorials to draw minions with kids. A 15 minute video tutorial can help you to sketch minions for your kids.

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Credit: Art for Kids Hub (Video & Image)

Show your minions drawings and post your image down below the comment. How is our image and video tutorial on how to draw a minion for kids. Just follow the step by step instruction for drawing a minion. Hope this article would be helpful, if you wanna share some comments about this you could leave comments down below. Thanks for all your support.